A resume about me Tycho Loke.

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I am Tycho Loke and this is my resume it will tell you all about me and my experience spoiler alert I like doing a lot of different things..


  • Name: Tycho Loke
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Date of Birth: 24/04/1999
  • Phone:+31 6 39 41 36 65
  • Email: tycho@tycholoke.com

Hi, my name is Tycho Loke..

I am Tycho Loke and I am 18 years old, born and raised in The Netherlands, I have lovely parents and an awesome little sister!. I like working and trying to improve myself everyday I try to know as much as possible and take every chance that I can grab, I travel a lot as well to meet new people and to explore!

I enjoy singing, listening to music and gaming in general. But I also keep myself busy with traveling and photography. I am amazed by the world of technology and everything that is possible with this subject. My main expertiece is within Information Technology due to the fact that I study this as well, but I also like the fact of helping other people!

Personal Skills

"Good God!" I try to learn more of these skills everyday and if you want to help me with it just send me an email and I will happily reply!



Technology is my passion
I like learning more and more...

This passion of technology started at a young age just playing games but wanting to know more about it. Experimenting and trying to expand my own knowledge is what I enjoyed doing a lot.

What do I do daily?
Smiley face

Well I start my day by waking up and showering like everyone does. After that I listen to some music and go to work or school trying to keep busy I never have a moment that I am really bored because I will always find something to do.

I like doing a lot of different things like drawing, singing, developing and managing it such a wide range of things that I like doing. I like doing all these things because I am learning different things every single time.

Some things about me.

I study IT-System Management at ROC Nijmegen, I am a second year student with one more year to go. I enjoy my study because it is something I like doing, I have my own company called Tycho Loke Services that is right now more a hobby for me.


"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Service Desk
Windows OS + Server
Firewalls + Routers
Microsoft Office 365 + Office


  • Roc Nijmegen

    IT-System Management Student

    I am an IT System Management student at this school studying at MBO level 4, I got my Cisco and Microsoft Certificates here at school.

  • Dobson High School

    Exchange Student

    I spend a year abroad as an exchange student in the United States of America in the place called Mesa, Arizona. I learned a lot here about myself due to fact of no parents around and a total different culture.

  • NSG Groenewoud

    VMBO-T Diploma

    I first studied vmbo-havo and than went to havo 3 but after that year I went to vmbo 4 and I passed my exams in the Technology profile which I am really happy about.


  • Aspirent Agent Sales


    Work here as a sale agent and my task is to sale television and internet packages to people over the phone, I also have to answer the questions if colleagues have any.

  • IT System Management Intern

    Isatis Group

    I work with a team of 4 really awesome people, I have some really cool tasks like installing new laptops, being first line support and being general service desk. Helping out with projects and problems.

  • Warehouse Worker

    Quantore B.V.

    Worked here for a month with some basic tasks, filling the boxes in time and also work accurate I like working there but the time ratio was just a bit to much for me.

  • IT System Management Intern

    Quantore B.V.

    Was here an intern for 3 months but after that I found a more suiting company for me, I had to do basic tasks like writing protocols and service desk.

  • Social Media Management

    Into Study Exchange

    I manage the social media accounts of Into Highschool NL, with a small team of 3 people we make sure that the news and the experiences of the exchange students is put on social media.

  • CTO and CFO

    IceLine Hosting

    I worked here for a small period of time helping out the company but due to some reasons I left the company myself, I loved working here and had not really much to do.

  • CEO

    Tycho Loke Services

    I am the Chief Executive Officer of Tycho Loke Services this is a small company that I started providing simple services for a really afordable price, I like doing this in my spare time.

  • Store Clerk

    Albert Heijn

    I had to stock the shelf and keep the store clean while doing it, it is an easy task and it is fun to do it because you have customers around you that you can help out and that is what I like doing.

  • Sales and Support


    I loved working for DBMHosting it is a nice hosting company and I was working here during the time I was in America and was mainly doing the English support.

  • Team Manager

    Dobson Basketball Team

    I had to make sure all the players were on time and comfterable during practice and the games I really enjoyed doing this and would love to do it again some day.


You want some more information or you are interested in me.

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Meijhorst 9158, 6537KN
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Pls note that this is my house and that you can only visit up on an appointment made with me personally.

Email: tycho@tycholoke.com

Phone: +31 6 39 41 36 65